Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Naughty Thought : Who's Sexier - The Dark Brooder or The Golden God

In my love affair with romance novels, I've notice two types of heroes. The Batman type; dark, mysterious, tortured soul and the fun-loving, carefree, playboy sun god like Thor. So I began to wonder....just how rigid are us readers in what we find sexy in our hero. I've poured over many novels and can't remember a red-haired hero. Is a ginger sexy?

Me, I'm a Dark Knight chick myself. I like the smoky, mysterious look. A little darkness and danger in my leading man does it for me. Looks and personality, the darker the hotter. It's beyond sexy when the heroine finally breaks through his wall and makes the hero realize he doesn't want to live another moment without her in his life. I find myself having more of a connection to the hero that has a little more depth to who he is and why he is the way he is. I feel for him and the BS he's been through. I become so invested in him finally finding his happiness that I get frustrated when he screws it up. A hero who's had a perfect life seems a little shallow to me.

In all the romance novels I've read, only two heroes have really struck a chord with me. They both hail from the same series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood. I'm talking about Zsadist and Qhinn. If you've read their stories and didn't feel even a small twinge then you're just cold.

I guess my inclination towards the bad boys has coloured my writing and that's probably why all the male characters in my paranormal romance series have the darker personality. They may not all have the dark hair, dark eyes, but they all have a dark air about them. They all have issues in their pass that they're going to have to deal with.

Now my preference towards tall, dark and dangerous doesn't mean I don't like the other side of the coin.  I mean come on, Chris Hemsworth is droll over, to die for, drop dead gorgeous, and that accent...yum...anyway...Was I the only one who found Tim Hiddleston sexy as Loki in Avengers. I think I may have a thing for "bad" boys.

So when it comes to your taste in leading men are you the dark brooder type or the golden god?

And that's my naughty thoughts on hunky heroes.

Later Loveys

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  1. Interesting...I go for dark also. One of my sub characters in my books has blonde hair, but his story won't be out for another year or so. Guess I'll have to do a really good job with his personality. Lol

  2. I started laughing because those are the two personalities of the two male characters in my book! I thought, "Huh.. that sounds familiar." xD

  3. Usually a Dark Knight girl but to be honest I wouldn't kick Thor out of bed!!!!!!!! :-) . . . Finally following you back, thanks for finding my blog xxxx

  4. I usually like the dark brooder too, and Zhadist was awesome, but Rhage topped the list for me and he was definitely a golden god. I guess it all depends on how the character is written.

    1. I can take a golden god with a dark personality, but I like the full package. I found Rhage a bit shallow. The only depth to his character was his curse which happened because he was being vain.

  5. I like the dark broody types though I'm not averse to a Golden God if offered :D As said in other comments, it really is how they are written generally. Great post!