Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Salem.....My Take on Witches

So I've had my nose up in the air for the pass few weeks every time the promos for the newest WGN television show aired. As much as I've developed a taste for paranormal television programming, a show about one of the most ridiculous eras in history didn't spark much of an interest in me.

Last night after enjoying my Sunday night ritual of Once Upon A Time (still one of the best shows on TV) and realizing Drop Dead Diva wasn't in the line-up for tonight, I found myself aimlessly flipping through the stations for something else to watch. I landed on WGN with a three minute countdown for the premier of said show.

I was about to flip the channel, after all I'd decided that I wasn't interested in following the new show, when I remembered...there was nothing else to watch. So I thought, eh...why not. I snuggled deeper into my fluffy pillows and waited, rather patiently for me, the three minutes. Truth be told, I was ready to hate the show. I'd made up my mind. I was just proving to myself that it was going to be mind numbing drivel about holier than thou religious fanatics accusing innocent women of being love slaves to the devil. Nothing supernatural, just ordinary people with god complex. 

So the three minutes were up and the show begins, and an hour later the credits roll. Was it worth it?

Hell yeah! I cannot remember the last time I watched a television show with bated breath. I remember thinking, what the hell's going on, what's gonna happen next, and damn another ad. The story had me captured. From the beginning it was fast pace get to the point. By the end of the show battle lines were drawn. You knew who the "bad guy" was and who the "good guy" was, and the unlined love affair between the two will be an interesting storyline to watch unfold in coming episodes.

When it came to the characters themselves, I didn't really get a sense of the innocence of the Mary Sibley character before her turn to the dark side, but I can understand her need for revenge prompting her to do something she probably never would have done otherwise. So far she sends chills down my spin. I can't gage just how evil she really is.

As for the John Alden character, I don't like Shane West and I'll probably be bias. So I'll leave it at that.

So would I follow the show? Does that question even need an answer?

And that's my naughty thoughts on Salem.

Later Loveys

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