Hi, my name is Illyanna Fox and I want to tell  you a few things about me.

I wasn't always a big reader. If it wasn't for a huge fight within my high school click I probably never would have discovered my love for reading. Thank you to my high school girlfriends, cause when our click broke in half, I ended up with the readers of the group. I started tame, devouring every Hardy Boys novel our tiny school library had, and when I'd exhausted the limited supply, I found ...the romance genre. Mills and Boones was my cup of tea but I didn't really hit my stride until I found the historical romance.

I just love the idea of a strong man commanding his castle, ...literally, wielding a sword (double meaning here...wink wink) and riding a massive stallion; and the women who had their own strength in defying these powerful men, it was a world that played like a movie in my head. I couldn't wait to reach the end, and hated when I finished.

In between each read, I kept thinking of little story ideas. I was itching to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, but I never seem to just do it. Then one day, my cousin told me I had to read this paranormal romance series. I didn't know this genre even existed. Until then, I was solely immersed in historical and regency romances, with a few mainstream here and there, so I wasn't to keen on her suggestion, (and that's putting it mildly). I mean vampires....I couldn't get into the idea. But my cousin was one of my book pimps, and we usually share the same taste, so I decided to take her advice, and grudgingly I read them.

And I had a new love. A whole new world (did I just quote that song) had just opened up for me. I wanted everything and anything to do with vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and any other creature an author could image. It was that first paranormal series that planted the seed for me to finally take the leap and start doing what I love.

I guess that's why I've started my writing career with the paranormal romance genre. A story came alive in my head and I just new this was my beginning. I just had to chronicle the lives of the five dragons who were becoming more and more real to me.

So with the ocean as my background, because I live in the beautiful paradise in the Caribbean, and my laptop (actually most times I write using my phone, never know when or where inspiration will strike), I started to tell my stories. I hope you like them, because they've become like family to me.

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