House of Dragons - Paranormal Romance Series

There exist a world that human have forgotten. One that has been relegated to myths and legends. The inhabitants of this world have become like shadows to the humans leaving parallel but separate lives for them. In this hidden world there are beings of immense power, being both good and evil. Some are feared, other revered. And then there are the ones that are both. None more so than the five dragon families. And of that species of immortals reign above all, the red dragons of Bratiana Family.

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 House of Dragons Series

Eight centuries ago, their union was to be the beginning of a peace treaty between two feuding dragon families. Instead it ignited a war that would pit the five dragon families against each other.

Thayer, Premus of the most powerful dragon Family, never thought to set eyes again on the traitorous face of his long dead mate. So when a chance encounter at an out of the way diner brought him face to face with her continue reading...
mirror image he was both shaken and stirred by the human who reminded him of a past he would change if he could. This human with the face of his Domina was going to be trouble. She hadn't only attracted his attention but that of his enemies too.

Kai couldn't stop thinking naughty thoughts about the handsome stranger that had sat at her booth every night for a week and ordered pie. She knew he was dangerous, witnessing first hand the cold brutality he was capable of. But she also knew that no man had ever made her breath catch, or her heart thunder the way he did. Kai was determine to break down his walls and make him see that she was more than just a face from his past. She just hoped that when that past finally caught up to them, it wouldn't destroy their future.


  1. Hi Illyanna,
    Your blog is quite interesting..I have not read many paranormal genre books but the description here sounded cool..Now I am following you here and on google+..
    Glad to make your acquaintance.. :)

    1. Hi Nikita...thanks for following...I hope when Eternal comes out it will be a part of your library..

  2. Okay. So I haven't missed it. I'm kind of weird and iffy about books because I write too. I guess you can sort of understand that. But I do seem to like everything about your books and I hope that when I do get to read them, that they'd be everything I thought they would be and more. And if I remember correctly (which my memory is a bit faulty at times), I've read things you've written about other topics. And if you can write the way that I've seen and read (you do a fine job of it), then I'm sure I will definitely have no problem adding ALL of these (how many books will there be and will they be about the same characters? I need to have more time to research these...) books to my library. I'm excited and looking forward to when they do get here. And I'm excited and looking forward to when you get to sign my copies as well. Great job and good luck! ^_^

  3. I am ready to read this book.