Saturday, 17 August 2013

Welcome to A World of Dragons

Hi Everyone

My first post, my first book, my first trailer.....yippee. I'm so excited. Can you tell? I've been wanting this for so long and its finally here. I want to use my first post to introduce you to this world I've created in my head that has become so real to me. A world where superhuman beings go unnoticed by mankind. Where vampires, werewolves, and other such immortal creatures walk the city streets of Chicago. And where dragons still rule the skies.

House of Dragons is a paranormal romance novel that follows the lives of five powerful dragons as they face the demons of their past, find love, and battle their enemies. I enjoyed seeing the lives of the five main character unfold in my head, although sometimes it wasn't very pretty. I got upset when they were hurt, angry when they were betrayed and happy when they finally found love. I hope reading their stories brings you as much enjoyment as writing them did me.

I haven't got an official release date for my House of Dragon Series, but when I do, the first instalment, Eternal, will be FREE for download for a limited time to my subscribers. Until then enjoy this trailer introducing you to the series.


  1. Sounds pretty interesting. Kudos on the books! New follower from Goodreads :)

    1. Thanks for the feed back, really appreciated. Can't wait til you can read it and to hear your thoughts.

  2. Illayanna this sounds like it is going to be an awesome series. I can't wait to hear more:)

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    Jodi B

  3. Hi Illyanna, thanks for stopping by my blog and if you'd like book promo just let me know as House of Dragons sounds very interesting!

    BTW I'm following you back and if you're on facebook, I have group there just for authors/bloggers who want to network and promote their work: Come join :)