Saturday, 24 August 2013

An Interview with Thayer from Eternal

Eternal is the first book in my House of Dragons series and it's all about Thayer, Premus of the red dragons. I'm happy to introduce him to you. I was lucky to gain this time with him, as the pressures of being responsible for the lives and well-being of so many dragons, I would guess, can be overwhelming. Here we go....

I: Thank you for finding the time to sit with me, I know you're very busy.
T: My pleasure.

I: Why don't we start off with your full name and title.
T: Thayer of House Bratianna, Premus of Family Bratiana.

I: How should I address you?
T: Thayer is fine.

I: I love your accent, it's very beautiful. Is it European?
T: Thank you. Yes it is. My family is originally from Romania but we have lived in this country since the 1600s. Myself, I have been here for the past 200 years.

I: How do you like it?
T: It is interesting the way the world changes century after century. So far modern life has been fun.

I: What's your favorite thing about this century?
T: Cellphones, they do so much. And pie.

I: Pie?
T: Pie. (he smiles)

I: This is going to sound silly, but...I thought dragons had wings and breathed fire.
T: Some of us do.

I: But you all look human?
T: Our dragon ancestors where shape-shifters. We are the product of their mating with humans. Some of us have retained the ability to shape-shift.

I: Do you shape-shift?
T: No, I am just your garden variety red dragon.
I: So are you half human then?
T: No. (I don't think he liked me suggesting that)

I: Have a thing against humans?
T: I do not. In fact Kai is human.

I: What's that like for you, being with a human?
T: An experience unlike anything I could have imaged.

I: What do you like most about her or being with her?
T: She sees Thayer, not the Premus. She makes me feel...normal. I love her strength, her bravery astounds me.

I: For a human, you mean? 
T: She is braver than a lot of dragons I know.

I: Is she anything like Kievia? 
T: I did not have the chance to know Kievia very well.

I: Is it okay if we talk about her? 
T: I would rather not.
I: Sure. You're the Premus of the Bratiana Family, does that make you a King?
T: You can say that.

I: No disrespect, but you seem kind of young for the job.
T: I am more than a thousand years old.

I: Well you don't look a day over twenty-nine.
T: (he laughs, and its deep and rich)

I: Your Generals have been with you a long time.
T: Almost all of my life. My father made Kas my shadow when we were both hatchlings. The twins were born into the same caste as I was, and Revv I met when he tried to steal my horse.

I: Which would you say you're closest to?
T: My Generals are like my blood brothers and sister, but I've known Kas the longest.

I: If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
T:  In my home country, there is a lake near Bratiana Castle. I use to sneak off there and just spend the day swimming. The water is so clear you could see to the bottom, and it is always cold. Perfect on a hot day. I have not been there since I was a hatchling.

I: Why not?
T: My father forbade it. I almost drowned there. If it had not been for Kas I would have died that day. He saved my life.

I: Describe yourself in one word.
T: Meticulous. I like to make sure I know all the facts before I make a move.

I: What is your biggest regret?
T: I blamed an entire Family for the actions of one dragon.

I: What are you most afraid of?
T: Losing Kai.

I: What's something everyone should know about you?
T: My Family is my priority and I will do anything to keep them safe. No matter what it takes.

(at this moment we're interrupted by Marastazzia)
M: Pardon the interruption Premus, but your presence is needed.

T: I am sorry but it seems I must cut our time short.
I: May we speak again?
T: Of course.

(I swallow my apprehension and call out to the dragoness before she has a chance to leave with her Premus)
I: Marastazzia, may we speak?
M: Another time ... human.


  1. What a fun interview! Thanks for following by blog, followed back via GFC.

    Kimber Leigh

  2. That is a very cool interview. I love the way it feels like I get to be there with him for a moment. I haven't had the chance to even look through your site or your books, but I'd have to say that I'm super curious now. And the covers of your books are gorgeous! I would really like to have the time to sit down and read these someday soon and tell you what I think. And you know what the best part is? I can tell everyone that I know you! ^_^ Awesome job!