Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Naughty Thoughts : Love at First.....Second Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? I read about it enough. Personally, I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to falling in love quickly. Well "a bit" may be an understatement to describe my view on it. Can you really fall in love with someone you've only known for a while?

In my post Five Minutes to Sex, I asked about the heroines who sleep with the heroes after knowing each other for all of five minutes. I wondered aloud if that style of writing was meant to tap into some hidden fantasy of the reader. That fantasy of throwing caution to wind and having unbridled sex with a hot stranger. Who knows....(side note: something happened and I finally get it)

In the end, having sex with someone you barely know is still just physical. we're into the emotional. How realistic are the heroines who go cuckoo for coco puff from the first instance they lay eyes on the hero?

I've read books where the characters don't confess their love for each other until the last page, some where they do it mid book and it feels like you're along for the happily ever after, you know...the what happens next feeling. Then they're the ones that do it so early I'm like...what..did I miss something? ? How'd they go from hello to I love you in the span of fifty pages?

Maybe it's the idea of love. That heart pounding, breath stealing feeling that can be like a drug that allows us to fall and maybe even overlook the fact that the main characters don't even know each other, how can they be in love already. How well do you even have to know someone to be in love?

And why is it if your best girl pal came to you and said she was in love with a guy she met last week you'd wonder if she was crazy, but it's ok for the heroine in your romance novel? Yes it's make believe, candy for the heart, but still, I like a little reality in my novels. I relate better.

Personally I don't like books that drones on for chapter after chapter about all the tedious and useless to the plot things the lead characters do before they finally find love, (get to the point right) but I also can't relate to characters who say they're in love one chapter into the book. Lust I understand, but love....

What do you think? Do you believe in love at first sight?

And that's my naughty thoughts on love at first sight.

Later Loveys

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