Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Naughty Thoughts : She Puts the B in *itch

Villains come in all shapes, sizes and yes, even sexes. They're either a combatant to the hero's strength, or a threat to the heroine's safety, and many times they're usually of the male persuasion. But there is one type of villain that I think is underused in romance novels. You know her, she puts the B in *itch and we love to hate her for it. Her role is sometimes as a competitor for the hero's affections or a simple thorn in the heroine's side.

I remember the first romance novel I ever bought had just such a bitch. I enjoyed hating on her. She was all over the hero every opportunity she got and rude to the heroine, who was his wife. Why did I get so mad at her? Because she played on something I hate...people who don't respect other people's relationship. I was cackling with glee when the heroine finally grabbed her by the hair and tossed her out of her husband's bed chamber (it was a historical by the way). Not only is this one of my favourite books but that's one of my favourite and most memorable scenes.

I love a good female protagonist. I love when for two seconds she makes me forget it's just a book, and I get so angry at her antics that I'm cursing under my breath. My perfect example, even though she's not a romance novel character, is Kathrine Kelly Lang on B&B. I hate her character with such a passion that I had to stop watching that soap opera years ago. I was always afraid I'd throw my remote at the TV. (I'm sure people like Brooke, but hey, villainy is in the eye of the beholder). To make a viewer, or reader, have an emotional reaction to someone that's not even real, I think is great writing.

Now I may sound like I only like a female villain if she's going after the hero romantically. Not so. A villainess who's out for blood is just as anger inducing. But sometimes, the interesting few, are just fun to read about. Like the Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time. I love the Regina character. I love her Evil Queen wardrobe (vanity part of me speaking), love her little quips (I'm always laughing at her witty insults - "Go walk yourself" to Red Riding Hood), and honestly I keep routing for her to come out on top (is that bad?).

And then there's the single white female. The crazy that give you the chills and make you say "what the f's wrong with this psycho bitch?" Her brand of villainy is down right scary.

So however she comes, whatever BS she pulls, whether she's a stalker, a vengeful viper or a crazy b-otch, she will leave an indelible mark on you.

And that's my naughty thoughts on bitches we love to hate on.

Later Loveys

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