Thursday, 19 September 2013

Funny Ha Ha - Muddy Puddles

Whenever my three year old niece visits my home I have to carry her from the car to my front door on rainy days. She hates getting dirty, so she refuses to walk through the yard when its muddy. Now my niece loves Pepper Pig, and Pepper Pig loves to jump in muddy puddles. So of course you can guess. Now she loves to jump in muddy puddles. I can't get her through the yard without her asking if she can jump in muddy puddles.


  1. Quite the variety - ginger-haired heroes and pepper pig! New follower via Bloglovin'. Saw you through bloggingbooks. Come visit me at

    1. Pepper pig was a funny story I just had to get out....I checked out you blog and I'm following